Friday, June 08, 2007


I have just seen the most amazing sculpture, "Sleeper" by Guillermo Monroy. I've seen his work develop for some years: he sculpts with parts of defunct musical instruments and mixes visual puns about music, instruments and animals with art-historical references and his works carry remarkable power: I own a piece of his, using an old saxophone, which creates the most shocking silence imaginable.

But "Sleeper" is his masterpiece. A crucifixion: the cross is two railway sleepers and Christ's body is made from various instruments: an accordion torso, piano keys, various brass instruments. It is a real show-stopper. It speaks of the power of music, the history of art, and the weakness of humanity: it re-presents the most potent of images with truly staggering impact (and I wish I could express it better).

For me, its impact is more powerful than anything Damien Hirst has ever done (and I'm a great admirer of Hirst: I say this not in any way to play down Hirst's importance, but rather to show how powerfully this work tonight has affected me).


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